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     ScreenGopher is a software for Microsoft Windows ® (2000/XP/Vista/7 editions) made for assigning your own pictures in game select menu (from SD-card) for Sega Gopher (sometimes known as Blaze or something else). It is an undocumented feature, but it wouldn’t do harm for your handheld in any way – it is completely safe.
       The software allows to edit the MDB.DAT file – special file, containing pictures, assigned with game names (by filename).

     So, who and what for is interested in this program?
     1. For parents, whose children can’t read and have some problems navigating menu by game names.
    2. Enthusiasts and amateurs, that wish to create their own and unique game collection for handheld (which are not present in «standard» version of MDB.DAT file).
     3. For people unsatisfied with «standard» MDB.DAT file, especially with its pictures’ quality (because of their low information value).
      4. For people, having any other troubles with navigating in menu.

Current version: 1.0

GopherSoft, 2012
e-mail: gopherscreen@narod.ru